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jack enjoying food & attention
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jack enjoying food

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Monday, 13-Aug-2007 12:00
bristol.. day two
hmm.. pagi ni started off a bit.. how should is say.. wrong? ye la kan.. bgn2 je ujan.. dah la janji ngan bebudak semalam nak gi zoo.. jackets budak2 yg dibawak lak tgk2 both belonged to jack.. humphh.. terpaksa la make do je kan.. kesian mirul :-S

nway, we had burger king's veg burger (should hv gone for the beanburger, lagi ok rasanye) the kids pekena fries & onion rings..n we decided to go to the zoo jugak if it's just a drizzle.. so bought a bit of pastries kat greggs.. n kuar2 dr mall.. yupp the rain dah nampak reda sket.. ok lorr.. jom gi zoo.. 8-)

after zoo.. ingat nak gi bath.. but hujan start balik.. so cancel!

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